Retail is a dynamic industry with large and small currency transactions unlike any other. GLORY is the company it turns to for the unique processing solutions the industry needs. With cash room machines that are accurate, easy to use, and implement unlimited network monitoring and settlement, GLORY provides savings that go right to the bottom line. Sales audits are more efficient, shortages are reduced, and profit margins are improved.

  • Retail solution :
  • Back office :

Retail solution CASHINFINITY®

CASHINFINITY®, GLORY's innovative retail cash management solution provides a secure and closed system for cash handling, centralized control of cash inventory and optimization of all cash process for retail stores. The CASHINFINITY® system is flexibile to fit any size store and various business segments.

Back office GFB-800 Series

Constructed with tank tough components throughout, these machines will outperform and outlast any other counter in its class. The 800 provides the cornerstone of useful features for the series, while the 820 and 830 include counterfeit detection. Fast, effortless currency counting begins the instant they're turned on.

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