All-in-one Series
All-in-one Series
All-in-one Series

All-in-one Series is an integrated solution, which is designed to improve multimedia teaching and learning, enable you to realize interactive teaching, integrate the features of writing, annotation, capturing and displaying image of objects, text recognition, external VGA, playing audio and video into this IPboard Interactive Multimedia System. It has greatly improved the problems as follows: scatter of multimedia equipments, disarray of wires and cables, complex operation, the compatibility among different components.


Users can write or draw, make annotation, and perform mouse functions on the board surface using electronic pen. IPboard Interactive Multimedia System can be used in teaching & learning, conference and distance education.

It is structured as follows:
  • Display Module (Interactive Whiteboard)
  • Loudspeaker & Amplifier
  • Central Control system
  • Camera Unit ( Document Camera and Camera Tray)


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