IPVOTE is a new generation of "audience response system" or “voting system”. It is a powerful combination of hardware and software that enables a teacher/presenter to get an unprecedented amount of feedback from students/participants. By using IPVOTE, the presenter can ask a planned question or a spontaneous one, and the audience can give their answers immediately via the handy voter, and the related data will be calculated and analyzed for the administrator.

Features & Advantages:
  • Enhanced audience attention and involvement
  • Confidential polling to bring out the reluctant students
  • Promotion of discussion and collaboration among students
  • Immediate feedbacks allowing for change of pace/level to suit the audience
  • Allows in-class testing, assessment and decision making
  • Allow students to response to a variety of question types.
Features & Functions
  • Allow teachers to create questions conveniently in many forms
  • Enable students or audiences to participate and answer questions without putting anyone in the spotlight
  • The feedback can be recorded, calculated and displayed immediately
  • Individual responses can be tracked or kept anonymous
  • The analysis of feedback data can be exported in the electronic form.

IPVOTE is particularly suitable for teachers to carry out testing, assessment and surveys in their class-teaching. With this device, teachers can progress test without printed paper, and no need to view the answers one by one as the data can be recorded, calculated and analyzed automatically. Thus, its more environmental, efficient and cost-cost effective than the traditional mode. Meanwhile, with IPVOTE, teachers can ask questions in the teaching anytime, and from the feedback, they can understand what degree the students master the new knowledge, and accordingly make some adjustment which can effectively improve the teaching outcome.

Physical Specification
Dimension 133mm X 75mm
Net Weight 230g (with battery)
Technical Specification
LCD Display 128 X 64 lattice (with backlight)
Transmission Frequency 2.4GHZ
Transmitting Power +2.5dBM
Quantity of Channels 16
Operating Current Max.: <85 mA; Sleep mode: <65 mA; Stand-by mode: <4mA,
Supply Voltage DC 3.6V
Power Less than 0.4W
Continuous operating hours More than 9 hours
Stand-by Time More than 240 hours
Power Supply 800mAH, 3×Ni-Mh battery (AAA batteries are available)
Operating Environment -10℃~50℃ with 30%~80% humidity, non-condensing
Storage Environment -25℃~70℃ with 10%~90% humidity, Non-condensing
Transmission Technology Conforming to IEEE802.15.4 Standard
Transmitting Speed 57600bps
Charge Interface MINI USB
Data Transmission Range ≤20m (with obstacle), ≤120m (without obstacle)
Operation System Windows XP,Windows Vista,windows 7


  • JL-V2 (T) -- designed for teachers
  • JL-V2 (S) -- designed for students




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Copyright © 2013 KMI. All rights reserved.